Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Character Dress Up on Friday

As a part of "Reading Week" and the "Homeroom Challenge," Friday's event was to dress up as your favorite character from a book. The homeroom with the highest percentage of participation 'won' the event, which I'm proud to say was my homeroom with 100% participation! I'm extremely sad that I neglected to bring my camera on Friday, but I'm going to see if I can get copies of the pictures so that they can be shared. Overall, I was very impressed with the number of dual costumes (i.e. a guy dressed up as Mickey Mouse and a girl from the same class dressed up as Minnie Mouse, we had four Flinstones in my homeroom, etc) Prior to Friday, I told the homeroom kids that I would go as whatever they got me and so I was Zorro, however, the chinos, boat shoes and aviators (instead of the hard to see out of Zorro mask) were my contribution to the costume. I feel as though even on Halloween it was important for me to continue to maintain proper frat-tire as a part of my cultural exchange with my students :). After the first three of ten events in the homeroom challenge, my homeroom is tied for first. While this means there is currently a target on our backs, that just means we'll continue raising the bar! "Car Stuffing" is our event on Monday, the camera is already in my bag :)

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