Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in the Jak

Returning to Jakarta has yielded a great variety of thoughts and feelings. On one hand, I am very sad to have left so many of my dear friends so soon (and not having had the opportunity to catch up with everyone either), yet on the other hand, I am excited to be back with my friends, students and adoptive culture. The opening of a friend's restaurant, hosting friends and family, and anticipated travel have me very excited for the weeks and months to come. First up is the soft opening of 'Treehouse' this weekend, followed by travel with Mike and his siblings over the next few weekends, and then the countdown beings until my brother, my parents, and Jillian get into town. Lastly, riding with Taurfik (pictured below) each morning has been one of the high-lights of my experience and a daily lesson in the 'Fish Philosophy'/ joie de vivre. You've got to go away to come back :)

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