Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness - College Basketball and Hosting Family :)

The past few weeks have embodied March madness: Anton's cafe had it's official opening, school was leading up to midterm break thus the necessity to create exams and finish progress reports, the regular season of NCAA basketball was winding down, and my family and Jillian were preparing to arrive. Of all of these events I'm obviously most excited for the family and Jillian to be here as we explore Indonesia together, but the 'Cuse starting their second season is pretty exciting as well. Syracuse has all of the pieces to make a pretty deep run, however, unlike against UConn, their free throw shooting has to improve. Either way, it will be an exciting time, so much so that I had my kids fill out brackets after their midterms :)

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  1. hi, there! i dropped off from reading your blog for a few months due to me being a bum, but i just read a bunch of back entries and am so excited to see that you're doing amazingly, and still rocking march madness, even from so far away. :)

    (side note: interesting post on the hollywood ban.)

    - christine