Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of NCAA Football

We won't have any pictures of Singapore yet because I'm still at school, but I couldn't contain my excitement at the start of a new NCAA Football season! Additionally, I got to spend homeroom this morning describing the basic rules and strategy of American football to the 9th graders as well as explaining to them why I prefer NCAA football to the NFL. On the opening Thursday night, there were two important things of note.

1) Utah solidified the fact the Mountain West Conference should have the automatic bid to the BCS, not the Big East. Yes, I realize much of the country has already realized this, but this was a very difficult admission for someone growing up in "Big East country." Utah clearly out-played (as much as I could see from observing the typed play-by-play on my computer screen during free periods today :) lol) Pittsburgh and this wouldn't be as critical except that Utah is projected to finish 3rd in the MWC while Pitt is the predominant favorite to take the Big East. Yes, this might acknowledge that this may be the year for UConn or that Utah is better than anticipated, but it is a clear loss for the Big East as a conference (with Rutgers needing a dominant second half to truly put away Norfolk State...)

2) Despite resistance from Ab (he's a Clemson alum), South Carolina might be for real this year. I'm always a fan of a re-building project and maybe this season was the product of five years under 'the head ball coach.'

Ok, ridiculousness of NCAA football aside, tonight Ab and I are looking to hang out for a bit with Mike and his girlfriend before they leave in the morning for the Philippines. I'm looking forward to finally meeting Mike's gf (who was apparently in the same MSW class as Miranda Struck, a high school friend) I hope everyone is doing well and Singapore pictures will be posted soon. Regarding the trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, Ab and I are leaving on Monday afternoon and will be in Vietnam sometime Monday night. From there we've deliberately not made plans other than being in the town outside of Angkor Wat for four days at the beginning of next week. We've done a decent amount of research so we have a number of options, but we want to stay pretty free from schedules and itineraries so that we can enjoy our time and see what we want to see when we want to see it. I have no idea whether or not I'll have a) internet access in Vietnam and Cambodia or b) if either of those countries have blocked blogger, but if there aren't any new posts, it'll be due to one of those two reasons.

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