Thursday, September 2, 2010


I apologize for the relative "silence" the past few days, but I left for Singapore for a few days right after school on Tuesday and have been without the internet (well...I just didn't want to pay the ridiculous hotel wi-fi fee simply on principle :-p)

Anyway, even though I've only been here for two days (this post is hastily be written from the Singapore Airport before it times me out), I am incredibly impressed with the city. There is a reason it's public administration has been rated the best in the world. My limited experience with Singapore left me feeling like it was a merger of New York City and Miami, but cleaner and more...disciplined. While disciplined might be a nice way of putting their control over minutia (ie no gum chewing, no smoking, no littering) but aside from the gum chewing, many municipalities also have these laws, they're just enforced in Singapore because they figured out what all teachers know, the little things add up and matter a lot (let a kid get away with not following one procedure and the next thing you know he's throwing his pencil out the window - or maybe that was just Alex... :) anyway...)

Anyway, I'm excited to post the picture of my hotel bathroom on the next post when I get home. It was an ... efficient... use of space :)

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