Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Prayer

I officially experienced my first awkward moment with Muslim culture. Today I learned that on Fridays, it is customary for all Muslim males to go to the mosque following the noon-time call to prayer because in the middle of teaching how to develop the concept of completing the square using intuitive pictures, one of my 9B students raised his hand and explained they were supposed to go on break. I took out my schedule and, according to that, I had the class from 11:10 to 12:50, so I responded with "umm...don't I have you guys for a double period?" At that point I got a number of strange looks and the same student said that some of them had to go to prayer for about half an hour. Since I was completely in the dark about this, I finished the thought we were on, and then dismissed anyone who needed to go to prayer. When all but one of the boys and none of the girls left I was really surprised and not sure of what to do with less than half of the class for half an hour. Fortunately, I see the other ninth grade class four times a week, compared with only three times with the other, so I had prepared a "math lab" and was able to use that with the 7 remaining students during the "break." All in all, the entire episode left me very befuddled until Mike explained the cultural reference to me.

Last night, Mike and I (Ab did not go because it was "too late"...jeez it's Pirro syndrome all over again! Just kidding Joe, you know I love you and completely understood your 8:30 bedtime) went to go see Inception. Not only was the movie really good (Christopher Nolan was able to couple an amazing story with incredible action and special effects in such a fluid and entrancing manner), but it was also ridiculously affordable (15k rupiah, or about $1.50). It's the best $1.50 I've spent thus far, and since movies are this cheap, I might even reach a Pirro-level of viewing! (it seems this post has been all about you, Joe!) I hope everyone is doing well! I miss you all!

"Watch for children" That seems like a pretty fair trade. (My deference to Demetri)

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