Sunday, July 18, 2010


Apparently Pandora is only licensed to operate within the United! This makes little to no sense thanks to wealth of pirated media already present over here in Indonesia, and rather than gathering the media within a controllable, measurable, and profitable entity, we have few options outside of buying CDs or DVDs for 6,000Rp a piece (roughly $0.60). Consequently, I may be forced into using an Indonesia solution for maintaining a varied music library... ;)

After having lived in Kemang for 2 weeks, I am finally starting to recognize the major streets and for the most part know whether drivers are headed in the right direction. Actually, this is a part of wealthier Indonesia culture that I've yet to become accustomed to: drivers. Nearly all of my students will have their own driver, and if there are multiple children in one family, that family may have a car and driver for each child. What?! I don't think that truly sunk in; the family may have a car and driver for each child. Granted, I acknowledge that I am teaching the other side of the gap, but this seems quite excessive and is something I've never heard of in the states. It is really nice, especially because an excess of drivers allows me to be driven home after time with the Ibus, but an uncomfortable tingle goes down my spine as I alight from their car at Thelma's.

Finally, the pictures below are of the gardens located directed across the "hall" at Mentari. Friday, Ibu Elena decided to move the lockers from the windows in front of my classroom to the cafeteria, so one of the gardens will literally be visible from inside the room. It may be necessary to post student projects on the windows :)

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