Monday, July 26, 2010

No Power = No Internet

Last night was the first occasion in which I experienced a rolling brown-out. When I came home from school, there was no power, so I went for a run (well also the run helped remove some of the stiffness from Sunday's futsal game - totally different muscles were used then and I was kind of feeling it on Monday) When I came home about an hour later, the power was back on, but once I finished my shower and finished up with dinner, the power went out again. Hence, Monday's post is occurring on Tuesday morning (or for those of you living in the past, Monday night :-p)

The start of week two was good, but Mondays and Thursdays are going to be interesting days. I teach 6 periods on both of those days and have another 40 minutes or so of responsibilities. While I've enjoyed the teaching, my TFA mentality about things has been very new to the kids (they aren't accustomed to doing this much work during a class period :-p) and the teachers (who aren't sure why I come so early and leave relatively late) Either way, it's how I know how to do it, and it hasn't been burdensome at all. Additionally, my kids names have been awesome to use as substitutes for my NYC one's who are in my law school personal statements :) (good old Daffa and Arsyan - pronounced Ar-shan, very unlike Dusty and Buddy. Because Dusty was a Catholic...but Buddy was not. And Buddy was always trying to get Dusty to eat meat on Fridays...)

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