Monday, July 19, 2010

Rainy Season??

While Jakarta is in the tropics, this time of year is supposed to be the "dry season." I've been told that means most days should be devoid of rain, however, it has rained nearly every single day, including three distinct periods of sustained, torrential downpour today. If this is the dry season I fear for what will happen during the rainy season...(I'm not actually worried as I visited during the "rainy" season in February and it wasn't drastically different than the weather now, instead I've been assured our current weather is very abnormal)

In other news, I finally completed "Catch-22." It took much longer than I anticipated due to its length coupled with the multitude of other things demanding my attention (something like starting a new job or whatever :)!) Overall, I was extremely impressed with how smart the writing was. In fact, I found myself continually reviewing what I read to make sure I had properly identified the dissonance that Heller so brilliantly crafted throughout the novel. Next up is "The Space Between Us" originally purchased to be a discussion novel with Jillian, but if that falls through I might be able to convince Ab to read it after he finishes "Let the Great World Spin" (the amazing book I finished during my 11 hour lay-over in Frankfurt). Either way, books are more enjoyable when they're shared, so if you've read any of these three and want to discuss, I'm all ears :)

Prior to returning to my placement school after each break, I would experience an encompassing sense of dread, but right now I feel completely at ease despite all of the unknowns that I'll be facing tomorrow. This has a lot to do with my ability to rely on past experiences and the fact that I've grown up a little more, but also speaks to the truth of the statement I heard all throughout TFA Institute; "Nothing will be as bad as your first year teaching at your placement school." Tomorrow will be the true test. And do as The Dawg says, respect my authoritah, keep the hallways clear, and Fly with Christ bra

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  1. Jon: I thought that "respect my authoritah" was a quote attributed to Cartman from South Park. My guess is that the kids in Indonesia will give you respect way faster than the kids in Brooklyn. Also, If you want to read some non fiction really fast, go to my blog. It think you will like "The Invisible Gorilla" and others. Let me know. Keep blogging. Best,
    Doug Green