Thursday, August 26, 2010

Champions League and Will Forte

They recently announced the groups for the Champions League this year. The Champions League is a privatized version of the World Cup and it's too bad the United States doesn't have something that can even come close to the excitement, magnitude and quality of play. It's as if Canada and Mexico had both an American and National Leagues that were up to par with the AL and NL in MLB, and then 3 or 4 of the best teams from each league were grouped off to play each other in a play-off. The Champions League inspires nationalism (an Arsenal fan will feverishly support their team, but if they get knocked out, a fellow EPL team could become the standard bearer) and internationalism (the connectivity and international make-up of all of these teams exemplify globalism, and it helps sew ties between nations as teams from throughout Europe compete against one another - from England to Serbia).

Additionally, I'm sad to hear that Will Forte will be leaving Saturday Night Live. The MacGruber sketches and Jon Bovi opposite tribute band will be missed.

Lastly, this coming Saturday, a group from Mentari will be performing at one of the malls in Jakarta. We were invited by World Vision (thanks to our annual participation in the 30 hour famine and dedication to Community and Service as being one of the Areas of Interaction for IB schools) and will be performing various songs and dances from 4 to 5. Yesterday, I helped supervise the practice session and was blown away with how musical some of my students are. I love interacting with my students outside of the classroom because it gives me a better picture of who they are, and it also lets them see that their teachers are people too :) While things are still rather rough, I'm confident with another 3.5 hours of practice today the students will be prepared for Saturday!

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