Saturday, August 28, 2010

World Vision "Concert"

Due to our participation in the 30 hour famine over the past few years and the relationship Mentari has had with World Vision, we were invited to perform for an hour at eX (a mall near Grand Indonesia). Today was the performance and despite technical difficulties (one of the cables provided by eX kept going in and out causing one of the guitars to not be amplified, unfortunately it was the guitar of a soloist...) they did an amazing job and I'm really proud of my kids! I'm continually reminded of the importance of interacting with them outside of an academic setting, and some of them were overly surprised to see that I occasionally wear jeans! :) Furthermore, being a part of the supporting cast helped me connect in a much more meaningful way with many of my students, creating a bond in which I now they feel like my "kids" just like Zewei, Imran, and Qingmei will always be "my kids"

Lastly, on the way home, I was able to sustain a 10 minute conversation with the cab driver! He is originally from East Java, currently lives in East Jakarta, has two children - one in grade four and one in grade seven, and I was able to answer many of his questions and tell him a little about New York! I enjoy putting myself in situations where I'm forced to use Bhasa because it greatly increases my understanding of the structure of the language, improves my vocabulary, and eases insecurity. For the rest of my Saturday evening I'm looking to go for a longer run and finish my third version of my personal statement, clearly I'm living an exceedingly exciting life :)

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