Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yusaf's Art Opening

Yusaf, a teacher at Mentari and who introduced me to Sunday futsal, is apparently a freelance photographer. Tonight he is showing 59 of his prints at Eastern Promises and a good number of staff and students are staying a little late at school to walk over to the show together. This is his third show and the prints will be up in the establishment throughout August and September (unless they're sold!) I'm sure it should be quite interesting due to the natural beauty at his finger tips (apparently the collection contains prints from Bali, Gili, and South African safaris - he went to South Africa for the World Cup and had to go on a few when the games weren't going on lol) I've been continually surprised and impressed by my co-workers and other ex-pats that I've met since coming out to Jakarta. It's most likely not their accomplishments per se, but more their world and life experiences that are so outside of my norms. Additionally, the copier broke today, so glad to see that you may change the school, but you still have the same issues :)

"He planted the idea for 'Inception' in Christopher Nolan's mind while he was dreaming. When he goes for a swim he doesn't get wet, the water gets him. His photographic memory is in HD. He is a master chef, when he dices onions, they cry. His blood type is A plus. He has been asked by the IRS to audit them. If Michael Bolton were on his iPod, he'd be world famous again. He is the most interesting man in the world."

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