Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indonesian Independence Day

We had the day off from school today because it's Indonesian Independence Day. It was the first day I really let myself sleep in and try to make up some of the debt :) However, plans to go out were pretty much spoiled by the torrential downpour throughout the day. Consequently I was able to make significant progress on some books and watch a couple of movies (Rain Man was solid, kind of surprising I hadn't seen it before really, but King of New York was awful...) I was also able to plan for the coming week and respond to Joe's persistent prosecution of charter schools. I guess I've become the "champion" of charters in his eyes because of my employment with one and defense of the good work some of them are doing (emphasis on some not meaning all, by definition means at least one, and I can speak to the one charter where I worked :-p) I hope things are drier over in 'merica! Pax vobiscum and ipsa scientia potestas est.

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